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Benefits of Fruit for Natural Human Body

Fruit is one of the types of food that has a womb nutrition, vitamins and minerals that are generally very good to eat every day. Supplements compared with chemical drugs that are sold in shops, the fruit is far more secure without the dangerous side effects from the price, and generally much cheaper than the supplements that have the same functionality.
Below we can see the contents, property and health benefits of some types of fruit that is in the earth:

1. Tomatoes (Tomato)
- Tomatoes contain vitamin A, B1 and C.
- Tomato can help clean the liver and blood of our hearts.
- Tomato can prevent various diseases and other health disturbances such as:
a. gum bleeding.
b. dim twilight / Kotok chicken.
c. blood clotting.
d. caecum.
e. prostat cancer and breast cancer.

2. Papaya
- Papaya contain vitamin C and provitamin A.
- Papaya can help solve food fiber in the digestive system.
- Papaya can mebuat smooth channel digestion of food.
- Can cope with papaya or treat various diseases and other health disturbances such as:
a. heal wounds.
b. eliminate infection.
c. the allergic

3. Bananas
- Bananas contain vitamin A, B1, B2 and C.
- Bananas can help reduce stomach acid.
- Banana can help maintain water balance in the body.
- Can cope with a banana or treat various diseases and other health disturbances such as:
a. interference in the stomach.
b. heart disease and stroke
c. stress
d. koletesrol lower level in the blood.

4. Mango
- Mango contains vitamins A, E and C.
- Can act as a mango disinfektan.
- Mango can clean the blood.
- Can cope with mango or treat various diseases and other health disturbances such as:
a. body odor / bb / body odor that is not good.
b. reduce body heat during a fever.

- Strawberry contain provitamin A, vitamin B1, B and C.
- Strawberry contain antioxidants to fight free radical oxygen.
- Strawberry own purposes / functions of health, such as:
a. interference in the health treat bladder.
b. to be anti-virus
c. to be anti-cancer

6. Apple
- Apples contain vitamins A, B and C.
- Apples can help lower cholesterol level in blood.
- Apples have a purpose / function of health, such as:
a. to be anti-cancer substances.
b. reduce the appetite is too big.

7. Orange
- Oranges contain vitamin A, B1, B2 and C.
- Orange antikanker for the body.
- Citrus can prevent and treat various diseases and other health disturbances such as:
a. sariawan treat.
b. kardiovaskuler reduce risk exposure, cancer, and cataracts.

8. Pear
- Pear contains vitamin C and provitamin A.
- Pear contains anti oksidan to maintain good health.
- Pear can prevent various diseases and other health disturbances such as:
a. reduce fever / hot body.
b. dilute and remove the phlegm cough sputum.

9. Guava red (Guava)
- Red cashew contain vitamin C which is very large.
- Red cashew contain substances antioxidan and antikanker.
- Red cashew have functionality / health functions such as:
a. lower blood cholesterol level
b. treat infections.
c. keep sariawan treat.
d. facilitate the circulation of blood.
e. alimentary tract smooth.
f. prevent constipation.

- Watermelon contains vitamin C and provitamin A.
- Watermelon can be antialergi.
- Watermelon have usability / function of health, such as:
such as:
a. lower cholesterol level.
b. and prevent a heart attack.

11. melon
- Melon contains vitamin C and provitamin A.
- Melon contain anti-cancer substances, and anti oksidan.
- Melon have functionality / health functions such as:
a. prevent blood clot.
b. clean the skin.
c. menlancarkan alimentary tract.
d. lower degree kolestrerol.

12. Carrot
- Carrot is rich in vitamin A.
- Carrot to maintain good eye health.
- Carrot have functionality / health functions such as:
a. improve the body's immune and physical endurance.
b. still maintain healthy hearts.

13. Fruit star
- Star fruit contains vitamin C and provitamin A.
- Star fruit can help facilitate the digestion of food.
- Star fruit have a purpose / function of health, such as:
a. lower blood pressure.
b. decrease the degree / level of cholesterol in the body.

14. Pineapple
- Pineapple contains vitamin B and C.
- Pineapple can prevent exposure of stroke and heart attack / receipt.
- Pineapple can treat various diseases and other health disturbances such as:
a. heal wounds.
b. cure infection in the alimentary tract.

To be without a healthy natural chemicals secukupnya Eat a variety of fruit every day for the health of our bodies is very valuable.
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Dislodge pests from your home

Want your home protected from pests such as mice, kecoa, and termites? All we need to disinfect basmi? Identify the first arrival, and we prevent his arrival.

Cute rat Pictures, Images and Photos
1. Footmark and rat tails in the dusty surface of the floor
2. Holes in walls, ceilings, fences or debris near the house. The holes which appear as jagged teeth made with the mouse
3. Faeces or urine of rats along routes often passed mice, black sweep of 1-2cm
4. ex-gerogotan used in the doors, corner house, furniture wood, stack Newspapers / books, clothes or cable
5. the sound of boisterous when mice gnaw objects, berlarian, scratch or fight. Usually occurs at night

1. store food, especially grain or beans in a glass or metal container that is not possible digerogoti rat
2. separate organic waste and non-organic. Dispose of liquid organic waste, waste wrapped in newspaper before the paper entered into the trash.
3. choose the trash and a sealed hole-free. Keep dust from objects that can be used in the mouse to jump as a table. Cupboards, fences and so forth
4. do not store garbage in cardboard, plastic or paper bag
5. if you have pets, Remove food that is not in touch, once any pets you still want to eat again.
6. fill cement, putty or similar material into the rat hole and close the hole with a metal plate.

Termitetermite Pictures, Images and Photos
1. the tunnel from the ground or crawling Lumpur dilantai to the surface in the wall / outside your home
2. rontokan wing or powder timber near a window or door
3. small holes in the house made of wood
4. fly a group of termites, especially near the light source / light

1. fix the pipe, water pipe lines and other water leaks in the home
2. got fuller and must in good condition (does not leak and clog)
3. move objects in the way that you can enter the air (good ventilation)
4. Do not pile wood / board / wood, or items of wood in the house or your home page.
5. Avoid contact property directly from the timber to the ground
6. Try the outside of the house be painted. Dempullah cleft in the wood-retakan.

Kecoakecoa retro Pictures, Images and Photos
1. Reduce sources of food and water for kecoa, even used the saliva terpercik when you cough or sneeze can be the delicious food for kecoa
2. Store food in the container is closed meeting. Do not select the wrapping of paper or cardboard because kecoa can mengunyahnya.
3. Place the remaining food waste to your heart in plastic closed meeting.
4. Wash clean bottles, cans, wrappers, or any food that contains the former
5. close the hole or cleft wood, walls, aluminum frame
6. Prevent pool water or remaining in the kitchen. Place the bowl of water for pets in a vessel containing water as the soap obstacle.
7. do not leave the dishes / cutlery in the kitchen dirty. If you do not have time to with it, rendam in a concentrated soap water.
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The Honey

Have been hundreds of years honey has a lot of trust property. Not only to maintain body fitness and stamina with the restore routine to drink, honey can also believe in the routine, honey is also trusted by many nations in the first period to cure various kinds of diseases. for example, from the mild type of disease such as influenza and disease such as weight and poisoned womb cancer in women.

The use of honey and also grow the demand for beauty treatments facial and skin.
Uterus which is very unique in the honey, making many of the world cosmetics industry in the era of this modern take advantage as honey to make beauty products. On the traditional honey has long been used to retain moisture and maintain the natural beauty of the skin. Fresh milk, honey mixed with a certain composition. Besides providing nutrition Feed on the skin, a combination of honey and milk also helps to whiten, melembutkan and protect the skin from microbes. The women are also common in Japan, using solvents that have been given honey to wash hands. Meanwhile, women in China to make a paste of honey mixed with orange seed flour to clean skin. Pasta made from madutepung almond, and plum seeds APRICOT, can melembutkan hands. For the same purpose, also used a mixture of honey, white Rajab, and oil and badam. People usually use russian mask containing honey to refresh, remove, and beautify the skin wrinkling face. Independently You can also take advantage of natural honey to savor the beauty therapy and face.
There are many recipes you can use. One of them spread all over the face with honey. Then, your body kondisikan the relaxation phase. Do with the lie for 15 minutes. The next step wash face with warm water and then dried. Next, you can smear a little olive oil pure. Perform this process for several times within one sunday. You will be amazed to see the result later!
Your face will look more clean, and shining red rerona natural. Uantuk get the best results, you have to do all the earlier stages of therapy with appropriate and correct. Do not do it excessively. Prescription-a prescription attractive with short honey Bath to obtain honey aroma is sweet and soft skin surface.
You can add a quarter to half cup of honey in your bath water. Aduk to truly mixed, then mix in the water you use for bathing
Face cleanser You can use the honey to membersihan dirt attached on the face. You can do the routine every day without any side effects how, Mix one tablespoon honey with a little denagn milk powder in a hand. Oleskan in the face to clean all the dirt and make up, basuh ago to clean with warm water. Shiny hair In addition to beautify the face and beautiful skin you can also use the honey untul caring for your hair. Honey can make your hair shiny. How, mixed one tablespoon honey, perasan a lemon and a little warm water. Next, Rinse your hair with shampoo as normal and then pour the mixture on the hair before. Blow-dry hair with a normal As kondisiner hair Honey can also maintain the health of hair and scalp. Mix half a cup is the honey and one tablespoon olive oil.

use evenly to the hair and scalp ago take cover hair and leave for 30 minutes in a closed, after 30 minutes and Rinse your hair as usual.
Vitamins found in the mung bean sprout and can act as antioxidants that may slow the process penuaan and distribution of cancer cells. In addition, vitamin E which are also on the green bean can help increase fertility.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tips Eliminate Flek in Black Face

All women crave face clean skin, free from whelk and flek black. However, one problem that most often occurs in most Asian women, particularly those aged above 30 years old, is the occurrence of black spot or flek in the face.

Pigmentasi skin or melasma, can occur in some parts of the body, especially in the area of the face, due to sun exposure.

Besides sunlight, melasma can also occur due to use of hormonal drugs, such as pregnancy prevention drugs. Flek can also arise due to the former whelk, the antibiotic drugs, antiepilepsi and antiepilepsi.

Use of cosmetics is likely to contain mercury and acid salisilat, can make a face flek fell ill. Because when used continuously, will cause the skin to become very sensitive to the sun sengatan.

Can Flek away?

Flek away from the surface of the face, not an easy as it requires routine maintenance flek so lost and do not appear again.

Many ways can be done to eliminate flek, ranging from wearing masks to use cream bleach (bleaching cream) that are useful for mencerahkan face.

Cream bleach function is to lift the horn layer of the skin, eliminate komedo, smooth circulation of blood under the skin, increase elasticity and mencerahkan facial skin.

But with the modern equipment at this time, flek can be quickly removed. But to be able to do so, the cost must be paid not even a little.

First to be done, is doing facial. The goal is to clean the face of skin cells die, so the face becomes brighter and to prevent and erase flek.


- Usapkan cream on the face and diamkan for 15 minutes.
- Clean the face, and scrub with the scrub to eliminate dead skin cells.
- Wash your face, and face with a mask lumuri.
- After the mask dry out, clean the face again, then use a moisturizer.

You will find new benefits, when you make facial routinely for 10 times. Levels of success depending on how severe flek that you suffered. For you who have the skin of the face flek with a slightly expanded, should do facial once a week and assisted with the night cream.

One of the facial that is now widely used and the start is considered clean enough nutritious flek, is spirulina. Spirulina is seaweed that has been packed in the form of a kind of mud mask, its function to reduce flek because of the structure, such as scrubs. Spirulina is also available in capsule form and as a supplement drink.

With the treatment once a week, ten times during the facial treatment, flek will fade. But of course, the effect will be more satisfying is that you must be diligent and do the routine.

Doing Self Facial, Can?

Facial treatment can actually do your own at home, provided enough material to know what is needed. In addition to using materials that are sold masks, you can also do facial with fruit or natural materials.

Bengkuang mask or cucumber
Bengkuang since first known black flek able to overcome in the face. So any Mentimun. Memblendernya you live, and lumurkan in the face so that flek black fade in the face.

But use fruit that is still fresh and good condition, because if you do not care, instead of healing, even your facial skin will be itchy-itchy. If the face terlanjur poignant and itchy-itchy, here's what you should do:

- Oleskan thin-thin honey in the original face for 15 minutes, then clean with warm water.
- Basuh face with ice water, clap-clap slowly and evenly to feel fresh.

Treatment with bengkoang or mentimun the diblender, both for your work on the outside. Effect bengkoang sari or mentimun the cold, it will feel cool in the face right after you use.

Sliced lemon

For you who are over 40 years, the lemon slices evenly on the skin of the face and entire body is able to lift the skin cells to die. Diamkan to dry, then with water bilaslah tepid that pore-pore opens. After that, Rinse again with cold water so that the pore-porinya together.


In addition to lime, uterus antioxidants found in tea is also good to prevent early penuaan. Tea contains the tanin is very good for the sun burn the skin, lips tighten, skin care for face and black hair. How:
- Inapkan cuppa thick night.
- Oleskan water to the entire skin of the face and body.
- Leave it to dry by itself.
- Rinse with warm water to open the skin pore, then Rinse with water.

Tea is also useful to refresh tired eyes, you put one pocket tea dye that has been cold directly on the lid. While lying, to you and do care face skin and eyes.

Avoid Face Toner

When cleaning your face with milk cleanser in the morning or night, simply Rinse your face with ordinary water. You do not need a toner, or face Astringent and tonic, because pemakaiannya be excessive, thus causing increased dry facial skin. Unless your face oily skin.

If you are diligent to make your own facial at home, make sure the skin of the face you have first dibersihakan use scrubs. Please note, the use of natural materials are the result can not IM as a laser or other in-salon salon. But if done regularly and correctly, the result is not less bersihnya. Welcome to try!


Before treatment the face, you should first identify your skin type. Basically the skin of the face divided into three types, namely:

Normal Skin
- Usually in the area of T (such as the forehead, nose and chin) produces excessive oil, pore-pore is greater than at the other face.
- After a clean face, cheek skin will feel taut.
- Contraction over the age will have increased around the eyes, forehead, and the top lip.
- Skin sengatan sun burn easily, so that the visible redness or kecokelatan.

Oily skin
- Generally have a large pore-pore and berkomedo.
- Skin face looks shiny finery and easily changeable.
- Contraction in the face of slower rather than other types of skin.

Dry Skin
- Easy to exfoliate and burn if exposed to the sun sengatan.
In the cold easily teriritasi or itch-itch.
- Local Q sometimes as scaly skin and face feel tight right after the clean.
- Contraction appear more quickly, not only on the face, but also on other body skin.

Sensitive Skin
- Easy teriritasi if a particular cosmetic or exposed to sunlight exposure.
- Skin is generally dry and seemed to "thin" one.
- Skin will feel tight right after a clean.

If the type of skin you have in mind, the care and cosmetic facial skin that you will need more easily find matches.
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Simple Tip for Healthy Hair Every time

Many ways to get healthy hair. Having healthy hair is not enough just shampoo and creambath, but you need to carefully observing the pattern of eating to the selection of hair products. Every process that you lalui, shampoo good time at home, doing maintenance at the salon, or when styling, must be conducted properly and in accordance with needs. Tipnya following:


Choose natural shampoo. All detergents contain shampoo, but you can select a natural shampoo that contains only a little liquid detergent does not remove the uterus so that the oil your hair.
Use the right product. How do you use shampoo or kondisioner? To obtain maximum results, apply before kondisioner or shampoo on the hair, massage, massage the root of the hair, on your head and then the ends of the hair. Pemijatan Once completed, application kondisioner or shampoo on the hair.

Do not wash your hair too often. According to Rodney Groves, Vartali stylist from Salon, New York City, every day shampoo can make hair and scalp dry. Should do 2-3 times a week kondisioner also add on the tip of the hair-tip.
Make Creambath or Hair Mask. If your hair often heater (hair dryer, hair pelurus, etc.) then once a week you must do creambath. But if your hair is damaged, or easily broken fork, you should replace creambath you usually do with a hair mask.
Regulation Hair

Use Hair Dryer. Hair dryer (hair dryer) is an interesting tool in order to show a need every day. Although not a professional stylist, you need to know how to use the right hair dryer. Use a hair dryer is at least 10 cm above the hair and should always digerakan so somprotan hot air does not only lead to one section of hair only. Do not forget to use heat-protectant to the hair before you start drying.

Sisir usage. When the start drying the hair, hair sisiri with your finger, up to 80% dry hair. If your fingers are no longer at the end of the hair, you already can use the comb. This was a necessary step to analyze the tousled hair when wet.

Use of Product. Many products that work to make the hair shine and prevent dry hair (antifrizz) but never apply the product before the process of heating the hair (hair dryer, straightening, pengritingan). This treatment will eliminate hair kelembapan from the stem.
Coloring process

Limit the shampoo. Andrew Bartfield, Vice President of L'Oreal Professionnel Academy suggests that not shampoo for 72 hours after coloring hair, hair color that does not dim. For further treatment, select a shampoo made for colored hair.
Special Tip:
Hair health is also influenced by nutrition Feed. Feed Perbanyak protein (cheese and nuts) and omega-3 fat is found in many fish such as salmon.
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The withdrawal invitation party

atmosphere is certainly not free from a variety of dish that tastes delicious and arouse. But for those of you who have chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood, kolestrol acid and fiber, it is more selective in choosing the party food menu available. You certainly do not want it when you relapse at a party in progress, is not it? How meals are to be avoid for people with chronic diseases?

High Blood (Hypertension)

This disease occurs when the blood pressure sistolik more than or equal to 140 mmHg, while blood pressure diastoliknya same or more than 90 mmHg. People will usually experience symptoms such as headaches, feelings of drift, pins, head feels heavy, vomiting and nosebleed.

Foods that need to be avoided:

Hypertension for patients, should avoid foods that contain salinity or high natrium. For example, such as smoked meat, sambal, paste, jerked meat, Ebi, sausage, ground peanut butter, skotel Macaroni, stock IM, foods that contain MSG, soy sauce and tomato saos. We recommend that people consume a lot of vegetables, fruit, and wheat.

Diabetes (Diabetes Melitus)

When the glucose level in the blood of someone more than the normal limit of 200 mg / dl, the person can be suffering from diabetes. Patients will experience a normal sense of thirst, so he often excessive drinking, often feel hungry, often berkemih, supple feel sleepy and drastic weight loss down. Patients will also experience symptoms of sleep, keputihan, blurred vision, itching on the skin and around the genitals and impotent or Erectile Dysfunction in men.

Foods that should be avoided:

We recommend that people avoid consuming rice, maize, sugar pure (defined sugar), sweet pastry or food processed by sugar, palm sugar, caramel or brown sugar.

Kolestrol (Hiperlipidemia)

When this disease attacks the degree of fat in the blood of someone more than normal. Number of kolestrol Low Density Liop-protein (LDL) that lead to excessive nempelnya in blood vessel walls so that the holes continue to narrow the blood vessel and blood flow and tighten disrupted the flow of blood. As a result, coronary heart disease, stroke and hypertension will be easy to attack.

Foods that should be avoided:

Dish of food containing fat and kolestrol as gorengan, fatty milk, cream, butter, condensed milk, coconut, egg, brain, heart lobster oyster, tripe, heart crab, meat, beef, chicken sausage, tongue, pizza, hamburgers, offal , shrimp, mutton, cheese, cakes, dry, wet cake and ice cream.

Acid strand (Hiperurisemia)

This disease that has attacked your nerves in the acid content of blood more than the limit of normal, that is beyond 5-7 mg%. patients will experience symptoms such as pain in the joints. When the crystal was hoarding in the kidney, the disease can cause kidney stones,

Foods that should be avoided:

People should avoid foods that contain high purin, such as heart, brain, heart, scallop, shrimp, Sardine, emping, teri fish, eggs, fish, offal, tape, squab meat and brem. While still food that you can enjoy in a limited number of fish, beef, chicken, bean, mushroom, cabbage flowers, know, Tempe, spinach, and asparagus.
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